The Fast & Furious franchise has always been about “family” and it turns out that’s not just a catchphrase. When the next movie in the franchise, simply titled, F9 opens in theaters, it will not only include new members of that family, like John Cena, who will play the brother of Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto, but it will reportedly also apparently an actual member of Vin Diesel’s family. A new report claims that Diesel’s son Vincent Sinclair will appear in the film, as part of a flashback sequence where he will play a young Dom.

The report comes from TMZ who got a hold of the young Vincent Sinclair’s contract. He was paid $1,005 for some work on camera back in 2019. It seems that the young kid was brought in to play his dad’s character as a child in a flashback sequence. All this lines up with what we know of the film itself, as it will also introduce a previously unknown brother for Diesel’s character, so giving the audience a flashback or two that shows us the relationship between the two of them, and probably whatever event split them up, would make a lot of sense.

While the Fast & Furious movies have never needed to be all that serious or realistic, the fact that the main character has a sibling that has never been mentioned in eight previous films, despite the fact that another sibling has been a big part of the films, certainly does feel like a major swerve in the story. According to previous films, Dom raised his sister after their father’s death. It’s unclear if the John Cena character was already out of the picture at that point, or if Dom tried to raise them both, but ultimately failed in some way.

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